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F Pages Hunt, V. G Pages Hunt, V. H Pages Hunt, V. I Pages Hunt, V. J Pages Hunt, V. K Pages Hunt, V.

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L Pages Hunt, V. M Pages Hunt, V. N Pages Hunt, V. O Pages Hunt, V. P Pages Hunt, V. Q Pages Hunt, V. R Pages Hunt, V. S Pages Hunt, V. T Pages Hunt, V. U Pages Hunt, V. V Pages Hunt, V. W Pages Hunt, V. X Pages Hunt, V. Y Pages Hunt, V. Z Pages Hunt, V. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink. Recommended for you. Elkan, "The paradoxical success of fuzzy logic," same issue, pp. Chandrasekaran, "Interview with Allen Newell," pp.

Chandrasekaran , J. Josephson and V.

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Benjamins, "What are ontologies and why do we need them? Reitman, ed.

Gupta ed. Chandrasekaran, T. Johnson, and J. Cuena, North-Holland Amsterdam , , pp. Johnson, J. Smith, and B.

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Rosenbloom, J. Laird, and A. Chandrasekaran and T.

Artificial Intelligence and Expert System

Chandrasekaran and J. If you have an acrobot reader, you can download the paper by clicking here. Gomez and B. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol.


Chandrasekaran, M. Tanner, and J. Chandrasekaran and W. Tanner, A. Keuneke, and B. Sembugamoorthy and B. Kolodner and C. Reisbeck, Lawrence Erlbaum Associate publishers, June , pp. Smith, Jr. Allemang, D. Yumi Iwasaki and B. Gero, Kluwer Academic Publishers, , pp. Iwasaki, R. Fikes, M. Vescovi, B. Goel, and Y. Vescovi, Y. Fikes, and B.

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Chandrasekaran, " Functional representations: A brief historical perspective ," Applied Artificial Intelligence , special issue on functional reasoning, , Chandrasekaran and John R. In this paper, we finally got a chance to set down a whole bunch of ideas on device representation, especially on how to be clear about what one means by terms such as structure, behavior and function. We also relate how devices arise in response to needs in the world, and how needs are transformed into device functions.