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Between us we wrote the popular Backgarden Chickens and Other Poultry for people like us starting on the poultry keeping road. So now you can find a local supplier. The more breeders we have listed the better for everyone so if you know an unlisted breeder please encourage them to list for free here: Breeder List.

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Diary of a suburban bantie cockerel Can you help a chicken absorb calcium? Can you have a flock of birds with each bird a different type? Swelling on hen below the ear Thinking of getting some chickens MOVED: Swelling on hen below the ear Mandarin Ducks 2 cockerel to rehome Nuneaton 18 week blind hen Hen is laying shell only, how to fix?

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Search the Poultry Pages. The Poultry Blog. It's all very sad but you have to accept that you'll lose pets and there's nothing you can do about it.

First egg arrives from the Black Rocks. There are about 23 billion chickens on Earth at any given time, at least ten times more than any other bird, forty times the number of sparrows.

Controlling bacteria in backyard chickens

The second most numerous bird on the planet, at an estimated population of 1. The combined mass of those 23 billion chickens is greater than that of all the other birds on Earth. Chickens seem to have been domesticated about 8, years ago , and gradually bred to be larger and meatier than their jungle fowl ancestors. The modern broiler chicken, with an average life until slaughter of a scant five to nine weeks, by various estimates, has five times the mass of its ancestor. It has a genetic mutation that makes it eat insatiably so that it gains weight rapidly.

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It is subject to numerous bone ailments because it has been bred to grow so quickly. And because of its diet — heavy on grains and low on back yard seeds and bugs — its bones have a distinct chemical signature.

The broiler is also completely dependent on and designed for an industrial system of meat production. It can only live supported by human technology.

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Eggs are artificially incubated and chicks grow in climate controlled sheds of up to 50, chickens, the scientists write. There is, of course a question about how well all the leftover chicken bones, from the 65 billion or so chickens consumed each year, will be preserved in the fossil record.