Empower the People: Overthrow The Conspiracy That Is Stealing Your Money And Freedom

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The apparent purpose of writing such a confrontational confessional was to warn the American people to surrender and accept this dictatorship of the power elite. Professor Quigley, confessed class conspirator, warned us that it is too late to resist the inevitable loss of American democracy and freedom. He implies that there is hope for us only if we surrender to the inevitable instrument of a totalitarian cabal and serve its evil purposes.

Perhaps Bill Clinton took his advice, but this book is a call to arms against evil and the ruling class conspiracy. The principal purpose of this book is to sound a call to action. Because the Conspiracy for world domination remains unrecognized, it remains unopposed. Wake up, my fellow Americans. It is time to choose between knowledge and ignorance, between freedom and slavery, between Americanism and Conspiracy, between good and evil. If you choose victimization, keep complaining—but keep the Prozac handy.

If you choose democracy, revive the spirit of Americanism in your own heart and act to reclaim the God-given human rights of every American. This book connects some of the dots creating a unique picture of the situation in which America currently finds itself, highlighting some of the conflicting humanistic and moral purposes now at play—for example, the Divinely ordained purpose of true Americanism as presented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ; the esoteric, elitist doctrine of Illuminism existing within contemporary Freemasonry; the massive alliance of money and power that exploits the population of the United States; and the emergence of a nation of a new class of niggers resulting from the loss of our unalienable human rights.

In a larger sense, it is a battle between God and the Devil for the souls of the people of the world. However, the idea of a supernatural force of evil in the world is an unfamiliar idea to many people. Most of the people I know and most contemporary writers use Lucifer and Satan as interchangeable terms for the Devil.

Conspiracy Theories and the NSA - Schneier on Security

In common Christian usage, Lucifer means the light bearer or the brilliant one. Satan is …the prince of this world. However, Satan and Lucifer often have distinctly different meanings in the occult world. Among the Illuminati, for example, Lucifer is God and the doctrine of Satanism is a heresy.

Corey Lewandowski testifies at impeachment hearing before congress, live stream

Lucifer is their God of Light. In the context of the political religion that I call Illuminati Luciferian Freemasonry, the Devil is invoked through the practice called Theurgy, or White Magic. The Illuminati opposes both Christianity and atheism. Its god is Satan, whom they refuse to acknowledge by his name, preferring instead the appellation of Lucifer. Therefore, consistent with those definitions, I mean something distinctly different when I refer to the Devil as Lucifer or Satan respectively. And when reading, please make a distinction between ordinary Freemasonry which is composed of private lodges or Masonry and the practice of occult Masonry, the real masonry of the Cabalistic degrees.

During the third century, Luciferian Occultism Illuminated Freemasonry was called Gnosticism, and was regarded as a heresy by most Christians. It blended pagan sex rituals and Mother Goddess worship with elements of New Testament Christianity and rejected the God Jehovah as an evil demon. Another crucial distinction between the Satanic and Luciferian Devil sects is that Luciferian Occultists never describe their god Lucifer as evil.

They deliberately glorify Lucifer as the principle of good…the equal of the God of Christians whom they describe as the principle of evil. Satanists also accuse the God of the Christians of having betrayed the cause of humanity. In this eternal struggle, good is still on one end of the spectrum and evil on the other.

Since that time in the Garden of Eden, the human race has been in rebellion against God. A classic battle of good and evil has ensued—a struggle between faith and the hunger for power. This battle took on the proportions of Armageddon in the eighteenth century with the advent of Communism—an Illuminati front.

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The middle class was seen as dangerous because it controlled the ownership of property. Therefore, its wealth property had to be confiscated. It was in this way wiped out and put completely at the mercy of the government oligarchy—for food, shelter, clothing, work, indeed for life itself. In the United States, a central bank was created in by the Illuminati Ruling Class Conspiracy, and it usurped control of the monetary system from our lawfully elected government representatives.

This privately owned, profit-making central bank of the United States government, the Federal Reserve System also called the Federal Reserve Bank or simply the Federal Reserve , was granted the legal authority to issue notes of debt as unbacked money, loan it to the government, and charge the unsuspecting taxpayers interest on the loan. This nifty system of banking has had the effect of confiscating the incomes of Americans and gradually transferring them into the accounts of the ruling class.

Prior to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, there was no national debt. The Federal Reserve System has been called the true locus of clandestine power, because it was created unconstitutionally and is responsible to no one. Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution stipulates that only Congress has the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof. Since it is the President who appoints the Governors and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, it is a bank of monetary issue that is removed from Congressional control and is therefore unconstitutional.

Furthermore, no President is truly in charge of the central bank, since each of the members of the Board of Governors serves for fourteen years, and each President appoints only two of the seven members. In addition to wielding other dictatorial powers, the Fed czar dictates policies that manipulate the money supply and the economy in order to make or break a sitting President. Perhaps Greenspan did not manipulate the economy. But if he had so chosen, there is no opposing power that could have stopped him. What has the Federal Reserve done for this country?

The government has become a tyranny that serves a wealthy and powerful elite, while the people go begging at the doors of the very politicians they vote into office. As the Congressional hearings on campaign finance have again painfully demonstrated, the government, including the lofty office of the Presidency, has been corrupted by greed to the point of becoming nothing less than an instrument of a Ruling Class Conspiracy.

Even the mainstream media is now forced to confront the possibility, based on an enormous amount of documentation, that a Conspiracy runs America. This country is in deeper trouble than anyone in mainstream politics or journalism dare imagine, wrote columnist Robert D. Novak now believes that the decay in the American body politic goes beyond an ethically challenged President to corruption that permeates the FBI, the Department of Justice, the federal judiciary, and law enforcement generally.

These spook agenturs, as I call them, are typically well-bred, exceptionally clever-minded anti-intellectual intellectuals, who trap the American people into worshiping at the altars of statism—the religion of government—by convincing them that the bureaucracy of the state is their only protection from such disasters as economic collapse, international terrorism, and race wars.

Agenturs span the range of demographic groups. They include Jews and Gentiles.

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No matter what their ethnic and racial background, however, they are always affluent, educated, and evil. Most of these ambitious angels of evil do not consciously recognize themselves as agents of an occult religion and certainly not as members of a conspiracy. But you know the spook agenturs and their Illuminist economic royalty not by their names, but By their fruits ye shall know them : fruits of elitism, war, poverty, planned unemployment, race warfare, financial panic, etc.

The lower-echelon illuminated agents are rarely known to one another, and the high priests in the Illuminati power elite are virtually invisible. The identity of these servants of the forces of evil is irrelevant, anyway. These semisecret Round Table organizations are not per se conspiratorial groups, but they have been infiltrated by the agents of a larger international cabal, Illuminati Freemasonry and the invisible money lords in The City, the religious and financial branches of the Illuminati, respectively. In a representative democracy the citizens elect representatives from among themselves.

These representatives meet to form a governing body, such as a legislature. In a constitutional democracy the powers of the majority are exercised within the framework of a representative democracy, but the constitution limits the majority and protects the minority, usually through the enjoyment by all of certain individual rights, e. Urban, p. Wikipedia has an article about: Democracy. Look up democracy in Wiktionary , the free dictionary. Dinesh D'Souza. The Death of the West. Larry Schweikart. Original Zinn. Howard Zinn. Secret Societies. Benita Estevez.

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