Holy Hatred

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The sentences attached in the Levitical priestly code, with the sacrificial system which demanded blood be shed.

Fight Sin and Evil With a Holy Hatred

The language David uses in His broken-hearted songs in Psalms 32 and All is designed to impress our heart with guilt. The rejection of its copy in natural revelation in Romans 1. It is at Calvary, above all, we see the foulness of sin. Here wicked evil men tried to snuff out this world's Light.


The barbarity and cruelty and the vileness of their insults. How sinners react to truth, in defense of sham religion, by irrationally baying for blood, to put the harmless Lamb to death. Nowhere in the universe does goodness, grace, greatness and glory shine so bright or find its focus as in the innocent, loving, kind expressive face of Jesus. Vile violence against love that hits and spits and mocks - this is our sin.

But don't forget displeasure - here we see what sin deserves - the intense, eternal, righteous outrage of the Father burns in the dereliction of the Son. Nails in hands and feet, thorns pressed upon His brow, ribs that Christ sees jut out, as his flesh is flayed to bone - demons gather round to mock him through the crowd.

The darkness shows how dreadful was all the guilt he bore. We are meant to look at the Cross to see what our sin cost - has my repentance grown lukewarm: make me pause, kneel, gasp before the horrors on the Son for my offenses against God. These are my opening thoughts - I'd like you to help me flesh it out.

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Are there any weighty works which you've discovered on this theme? Apart from prayerful humbling before the Word are there other things that you've found help? Have there been times in your ministry or experience that you've seen sinners broken under the preaching of the Word? Any other comments would be helpful as to the dangers of excess or false forms of repentance which are rather evanescent would be helpful.

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Of course, it goes without saying that Prayer and Preaching have a key part in this - the prelude to, and potency of, Pentecost prove that - that unforgettable day, when sinners were cut to the heart. Nevertheless, I'd be grateful readers if we could start some sort of discussion which would be helpful for us all, in our daily ongoing lifetime of repentance, and in our duty as preachers and pastors, by the grace of God, to call sinners to repentance - just some random thoughts after a restful Sabbath stroll.

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The Holy Scriptures. The Adamic Lapse. A Spiritual Work. The Coming Wrath. The Majestic Law.

Holy Martyr - Hatred and Warlust

Indeed, it is not strange that those that had despised discipline permitted to themselves meats sacrificed to idols without any discrimination Grotius. Clement of Alexandria and Augustine excuse Nicolas, who ascribe this to jealous Gnostics who were explaining his words adversely, and were falsely prefixing his name to their own sect Tirinus.


Holy hatred and the consequence of ideas | National Catholic Reporter

That thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans ; thou hatest the deeds of those who teach the lawfulness of a common use of wives, and eat things offered to idols; for these, they say, were the tenets of the Nicolaitans, so called from one Nicholas; but whether he were one of the first deacons, named Acts , who, they say, to avoid the imputation of jealousy, brought forth his wife, being a beautiful woman, and prostituted her, or from some other of that name, I cannot determine.

Learn from hence how much God holds all encouragers of sins as hated Cotterius. Which I also hate : God, as a lover of his own order, and of human society, hateth such doctrines and practices as are contrary to the rule of his word, and tend to the confusion of human societies. He was a great defender of orthodoxy during the ascendancy of the Arian party. Revelation A Holy Hatred? Recent Posts See All.

Revelation , A Promised Dominion.

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