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Samurai Jack - Jack Fights The Six Daughters - Adult Swim UK 🇬🇧

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Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. Teams The Canine Archaeologists. Locations Japan. Seeing this makes the girl distraught, Jack makes an origami grasshopper for her, which upon receiving, she kisses Jack on the cheek in appreciation. This may very well have been Jack's first kiss. Next, Jack comes to a ruined bridge that no longer spans a long dried riverbed. Another flashback begins, as young Jack is feeding some fish in the same river. A ronin pushing his son in a baby-cart with squeaky wheels reach the bridge, where they suddenly stop and gaze at the bridge.

Jack turns and sees four shadowy figures wearing fukaamigasa hats standing abreast on the bridge, blocking the way. The ronin lets the child out of the cart, who goes to stand next to Jack. The ronin walks up to the shadowy figures and stops. He pauses a moment and then rushes forward, drawing his sword and dispatching one of the four figures with a slice of his sword.

After some swordplay, the ronin quickly defeats the other three warriors fall into the river, joining their comrade. During the short but brutal battle, Jack, at times, closes his eyes and looks away briefly, horrified by the mortal combat which began so suddenly. Without a word, the young boy returns to his father, who picks him up.

Jack stares in awe at the pair and we notice that the man and his son have the same intense eyes, shishogan eyes, eyes that have seen endless slaughter and death. Amazed by this display of swordsmanship, young Jack picks up a stick and begins to swing it about like a sword. Next, we see a road to a castle, flanked by many warriors. Jack sees his young self embrace his parents, whom Jack calls out to and finds that tears have sprung into his eyes once again.

The time-flung warrior continues to wander the ruins of his home until he notices in amazement the remains of a ball with which he used to play as a boy. Another flashback beings and we see young Jack running and tossing around the ball happily, until he is tripped by a bully who takes the ball away. Young Jack tries to retrieve the ball, but the bullies begin to play keep away before knocking Jack down.

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This makes young Jack begin to cry. We next see young Jack sitting with his father, who tells Jack that some things are worth fighting for. Young Jack is then seen sitting outside while some birds flock around him. Young Jack sneezes and the birds fly away, frightened. This gives young Jack an idea. The three bullies walk down a path where we see hundreds of birds a lit on the ground. Young Jack frightens the birds, who all fly off at once. This startles the bullies who drop the ball. In this confusion, young Jack retrieves his ball and proudly walks away as the bullies try to find it.