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The book contains a massive amount of Colt's early patents and design information. This is the best reference on the pre-World War Two Colt firearms and has a very interesting chapter on a tour of the Colt factory in the late 's. It includes 's and 's reproduction Colt catalog pages showing the pre-war Colt pistols. This is an older book but has been reprinted several times and is still available. This is a massively thick paperback published each year showing values of firearms.

The values are listed by the percentage of original finish remaining.

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The front of the book has the best information available on how to actually judge the condition of a firearm. The Colt section is excellent, but like so many references there are some errors the reader must be wary of. However, this is "the bible" for valuing Colt firearms.


The reader needs to understand that these are simply estimates of the value of a Colt based on gun show market values, and that the book is always out of date because of publishing delays. The values shown are very often on the low end. Not recommended. This is a Gun Digest Books title that covers the Colt's. However, it seems to be nothing much more than the Colt section taken verbatim from the Gun Digest Book of Gun Values.

Details are very lacking, and there are too many errors to recommend it as a good reference.


For gunsmithing of the Colt pistols, there are no better references then the shop manuals written by Master gunsmith Jerry Kuhnhausen. Kuhnhausen was not only a gunsmith, he trained gunsmiths for the industry.

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  3. ISBN 13: 9781440237478.

Since many of his students went to work for the gun companies, his training was directed toward doing factory level repairs to restore guns to factory condition. The Kuhnhausen manual techniques are how the factory does it.

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Covers the actual blueprints and design drawings of each part of the Colt automatic and contains some advanced gunsmithing info. Covers single action revolvers including replicas. Many of the techniques are also usable on the percussion Colt's and replicas.

  • Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms.
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  • Includes a variety of discussion subjects related to guns-only with a strong emphasis on Colt firearms. Included are very close replicas of later Colt target grips. Colt used various Pachmayr grips with Colt medallions.

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    A favorite of Colt owners. Does a version of the Colt Royal Blue. Famouns in the industry for quality work.

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    Often used by the Colt factory for special guns. There are simply too many holster makers to list. The following offer special types that are of interest to Colt owners. El Paso offer modern copies of the holsters they made in the 's through the 's for famed Western gunfighters as well as modern designs.

    here Of special interest are the exact replicas of US military holsters including the finest replicas available of the US Model Mounted Cavalry and Model Dismounted Infantry holsters for the Accurate, detailed descriptions. Colt - the very name evokes visions of brave men in blue and gray, on dusty cattle drives, and in grim battlefields far from home. From the Texas War of Independence to modern-day conflicts in Baghdad and Afghanistan, Colt Firearms have earned their place in history. Now, in one unique volume, Stadard Catalog of Colt Firearms gives beginning and experienced collectors everything needed to enjoy the fascinating world of Colt firearms: photos, descriptions and accurate values as of the date of this publication for the legendary firearms that won the Civil War, settled the Wild West and fought tyranny around the globe.

    For the collector, for the shooter, for the historian, there's no more entertaining, informative book than Standard Catalog pf Colt Firearms.

    Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson 4th Ed. (See link below)

    From the first Paterson revolvers of the s to the latest Colt-built M16s, you'll find it here. Language: eng Language: eng Language: eng Language: eng Language: eng. Sobre el libro.