Teaching Psychiatry: Putting Theory into Practice

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Teaching Psychiatry : Putting Theory into Practice

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Teaching Psychiatry: Putting Theory Into Practice by Linda Gask

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Teaching Psychiatry

Owens 2nd ed WM Mc Textbook of hospital psychiatry edited by Steven S. Written by experts in an easy-to-follow, clear and comprehensive way, this book can be read cover to cover, or dipped into at crucial moments.

Putting theory into practice

Video Production is the ultimate guide for all students and novice film-makers. Stepbystep guidance to ensure true accessibility for newcomers Covers all the main film genres that students will study and produce Very approachable and conversational style.

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  • Volume 28 Issue 1 - Psychiatric specialty training in Greece.
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Ebook - Show More. Sell one like this. About this product Product Information In psychiatry, as in all of medicine, clinicians are frequentlyinvolved in training students and residents yet few have themselvesbeen trained in pedagogy.

Improving the quality of psychiatriceducation should both improve the quality of psychiatric care andmake the profession more attractive to medical students. Written bya team of international experts with many years of experience, thiscomprehensive text takes a globally relevant perspective onproviding practical instruction and advice on all aspects ofteaching psychiatry. It covers learning from undergraduate andpostgraduate level to primary medical and community settings,enabling readers to find solutions to the problems they are facingand become aware of potential issues which they can anticipate andbe prepared to address.

The book discusses curriculum developmentusing examples from around the world, in order to provide traineeswith the basic attitudes, knowledge and skills they require topractise psychiatry. Features: Instruction on developing a curriculum for Residency training,teaching interviewing skills, teaching psychotherapy and using newtechnology Innovative ways of engaging medical students in psychiatry anddeveloping their interest in the specialty, including experiencewith new types of elective and research options and development ofroles for students in patient care Focuses throughout on how to teach rather than what toteach Includes descriptions of workplace-based assessments Discussions of both theoretical and practical perspectives andexamples of particular innovations in the field using casestudies Presented in a thoroughly readable and accessible manner, thisbook is a primary resource for all clinicians involved in teachingpsychiatry to medical students and trainees.